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Nusri Hassam, B.Ed., M.Ed. UBC 

"An unexamined life is not worth living"


We offer personalized Consulting and Mentoring services to provide you with the guidance and support you need to succeed. As experienced professionals, we are committed to helping you achieve your academic and career goals. Whether you need help with developing better study habits or guidance on job placement, we are here to help.



Nusri is multi-talented and competent with subject matter expertise in; teaching/consulting/mentoring (over 20 years of experience). She is a certified teacher and was with Self Design School in British Columbia, Canada. Now she operates her own consulting business. Currently, she is an online teacher at Outschool and a Remedial Math Learning Specialist at Fraser Academy.

For Info on Classes offered:

Live online zoom event:  Mind Mapping Introductory Class for adults

Mind Maps are really fun, especially for artistic and more right brain learners, or anyone who does NOT want to use many words in their note taking. Mind Maps use both sides of your brain, along with images and colors, they are very easy to learn, build and even present from.


Use Mind Maps for:

Memory. Idea and brainstorming generation. Retain Information from books and articles. Problem solving. Take notes during meetings and school. Set life, work, or school goals. Project Management. Presentations. Plan, Organize and Write novel or eBooks.


Create a business plan or concept. Simplify complex ideas. Research, sourcing and systemizing items. Seeing the ‘big picture’…and many other creative ways!

Use Mind Maps in whatever way that resonates best with you. Mind Maps help you aim for the stars, and the sky's the limit!


Class Information:

60 Minutes $25 (minimum 3) 
Attend a free 30 minute webinar. 


​Go to$25

Have some unlined/paper and 6 or more medium felt pens or markers.

Email: Nusri if you have questions at

Subject: Mind Mapping


“I Look forward to being among all of you dynamic people!”

PS. All former students have access to future classes as a refresher or to share their mind maps.

Pre-arranged permission needed.




 "I work as a research manager and have to attend many meetings, seminars etc. There is a lot of information which I need to be able to note, organize and remember on a daily basis and I sometimes struggle to write down everything and pay attention at the same time. I am always looking for more effective ways to do this so when I saw the information about Mind  Mapping I decided to try the course.  I was very very pleased with the results.  The course has taught me how to focus on the key words and get detailed information without having to write everything.  Additionally, by looking at my map I am able to see and keep the information organized in my mind and am able to recall it. Nusri is an excellent instructor.  She taught the skills in an interactive way so that we could practice the skills, ask questions and obtain feedback as we were learning hands on.  In addition, the course was a lot of fun, the time allocated was perfect and it really didn't feel like a course.  It was a win win and I highly recommend it.  :)"


Nazlin W  

What I Specialize In

Teaching and Tutoring:  Mind Mapping

Life Coaching

Speed Reading (tba)

Math for Moms (tba)

Exotic Cooking (tba)

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