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Learn Mind Mapping

Nusri Hassam is a Licensed Instructor in Mind Mapping trained by the world famous Mr. Tony Buzan.  She has taught  students from ECE to higher education.  She specializes with gifted students.  

Mind Mapping is a brain friendly way to take notes along with using your creativity. 

Your Enjoyable Mind Mapping Experience:

Mind Maps are really fun especially for artistic and more right brain learners or anyone who does NOT want to use so many words in their note taking. As Mind Maps use both sides of your brain together with images and colors, they are very easy to learn and create and present from.

Mind Maps can be used for brainstorming, study skills, planning, organizing, note taking, book summaries/reports/reviews, and in many other creative ways. This is how to make your life resonate with you. Aim for the stars, the sky is the limit!


Nusri Hassam, M.Ed., B.Ed.(UBC)

Positively Fun & Friendly Teacher

194 total reviews

211 completed classes at 

Student Reviews:

Natalie L. on Sep 27

"This class was great! It gave me another tool to help with projects, essays planning and decision making. I highly recommend any students going into Middle school or High School to take this class. It gave me another way to look at a project that may seem very difficult. Mind mapping helps to break things down into more manageable parts."

She teaches adults to create their first two mind maps within an hour.   

Contact  for additional reviews, questions and/or information.

For the Class:  Have some unlined/paper and 6 or more medium felt pens or markers.

Fee: $20  (minimum 5 students)

Go to$20


A private zoom link will be sent upon payment.



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