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Nusri has been teaching at Outschool since 2017 and has garnered many followers and 5 star reviews for her outstanding teaching and dedication to her profession.  

1) I am passionate about teaching Language Arts, Math, Science, Socials, ESL, public speaking, and motivating learners to pursue their passions to the fullest extent. All my students enjoy learning as it is made fun and easy for them.   I support them to accelerate their learning. I share many short cuts (strategies) how to have fun while learning, including finding out their learning styles, improving their memory using mnemonics, tapping into their brain power and using creative thinking.


I have worked with twice-exceptional students as well as gifted/talented learners in over 20 years of my experiences with many many very happy and relieved learners experiencing AHA moments and big smiles. I have taught classes to improve their reading speed, comprehension and even spelling - through Practice makes Perfect (using games, etc) and Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.


I offer exciting fun-filled classes about many countries in our  seven continents. We even delve into their own cultural heritage, family histories/lineage and countries they are interested in.


For senior students/adults, I assist with resumes, finding the right jobs, increasing income, career paths, and positive approaches/reinforcement for whatever passions they are pursuing.


2) Graduated with a professional teaching certificate and a B.Ed. and M.Ed. from the University of British Columbia. Been in the education field from ECE to Higher Education for over 20 years, training teachers as well as working with all kinds of homeschooling families through Future Trends consulting company. I was an online teacher for 11 years with


3) I can teach to anyone's passions and interests in the areas that I have the expertise to do so. I offer Educational Consulting in all areas from ECE to Adults.


4) I enjoy fun, creativity, and diversity along with interactive sessions based on interests, passions and learning styles. My motto is learning at its "funnest"!

5) My three boys are now all grown up, two of them graduated from University with Bachelor's degrees and the middle son became a professional video game player with a passion to cook and is aiming to be a chef next. My husband is a professor in many varied subjects.

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